Room Visit One | Tulip, Toni + Sam

Tulip – photo of that day!

Envisioned these 2 laidback on their couch waiting to be a family of 4 (includes Tulip below).

My friend is having a baby!! And I’m really happy she’s asked me to help design and decorate the baby room. A few weekends ago I made my first site visit and helped narrow down paint colours. My initial instinct was to go darker in this room and I’m hoping to fulfill a little of their dinosaur theme into the space.

1. Facebook marketplace lamp $10, most likely gone but I was going to grab it that day;
2. Paint color swatches taped up onto the wall and we stared hard and long at these shades.
3. Teddy treats for Toni and Sam upon arrival;
4. Yellow blooms outside of their home that caught my eye;
5. Rug sale on the way there, neutral print, didn’t buy but worth filing away;
6. Me, by Toni 🙂

Her bump is still so little..

Tulip in Colour

The beginnings of the room mood board: