Brisbane Family Session | Mt Coot-Tha, 2022

A Fleeting Moment

A whisper on the wind,
fluttering leaves carrying memories of bygone days,
our lives intrinsically entwined with natures magesty,
I am a heron swooping to capture it’s prize,
the nightingale singing alone it’s haunting ballad,
I am the tiger who came to tea,
the golden eagle keeping a watchful eye on the minions below,
I am the very ground walked on by the great kings of the past
I am everything and nothing, but I belong.

Life’s rich tapestry weaves a path through history,
Our path will meet at the crossroads,
But we will follow our hearts to find our own pot of gold,
There can be no failure, just adventure,
See you again somewhere down the road.

– Simon Thorpe