Maternity Leave – Week 1 in Photos

I have a new galaxy s6 edge and I must say the camera is pretty sweet. As soon as I got it I downloaded the VSCO app (film effects) and created a mini studio within my phone. I was pretty obsessed not only for the app but the photo community I wanted to be apart of but couldn’t access on my old phone (lame I know).  So here’s a few snaps this week I had time for since I am officially on maternity leave and squeezing in as much work and play time before school starts..

Mock Orange Tree – if only you could have smell vision (these babies are divine!). It was about 2:30pm on Tuesday when I’d updated my social sites and required a milkshake break (latest pregnancy cravings) and took this snap before we left the house.

The peek of sunlight made this image extra pretty…

milkshake callling

When I finished work last week I wanted to do more canvases with Willow and it so happened that Riot Art & Craft had 50% off their canvases so of course I stocked up and got a few more colors to add to our growing paint collection.  Willow loves her ipad but she also loves painting with me just as much so I’ll encourage it anytime!

paint off

A new spot we’ve found lately is Woofissimo Café  nestled in-between a few favorite baby, clothing and homeware shops. I tried their teriyaki chicken burger, sweet potato fries and milkshake on Tuesday and it was so satisfying!

burgers and milkshakes

These two best buddies were reunited for the first time yesterday and really they are just too cute together. They begged for chocolate after their swim and clearly Willow couldn’t take her eyes off her kitkat.

chocolate friends

Art is definitely a love and hate thing. Something I am teaching Willow when her painting ran a little color and requires a new phase of fix up.

willows bird

Swimming at Southbank yesterday was perfect! Sunny, hot, sparkling water and I even managed to stay cool in the shade with my pregnant self.

paige and willow southbank

Ahhh my beloved niece. She recently turned 15 and wanted to buy a new pair of jeans, after some much needed nagging and pep talk about how long I’ve been working with clothing and helping women dress their best (I’d like to think so), I finally encouraged her into the change room to discover this pair of jogger jeans she actually liked (or secretly loved). I was so excited for her (since I can’t fit into any right now) and she even put them on as soon as we got home and didn’t take them off until she showered that night. She hates to admit it but I can still choose ‘cool’ things for her.

This was my photo of the day yesterday – friends who piggyback each other are just the best!

piggybacks and friends