Hello 2016!

Happy 2016 friends!

I thought I’d best blog something better than nothing since I’ve been MIA from Christmas 2015.

It’s my last day at the Sussan store tomorrow and although I’m ready to take a load off my feet, the brain is in major nesting and organization mode – not only for the baby but for new year school prep and wrapping up some last minute bookings (yes I’m still shooting until the end of the month) & sending out my last wedding collection from 2015. I aim to fit in at least a week of guilty free sleeping, pampering and romantic movie marathons before my life is taken over by a sweet new human being. Fingers and legs crossed she bakes a little longer than Willow and doesn’t suprise me any sooner.

Here’s a snap of Willow and I ditching responsibilities on Wednesday enjoying a milkshake and escaping the heat.