Currently living with my partner, two daughters Willow and Oakli and a pup named Jasper on the Southside of Brisbane, Australia. Photography was born out of love as a new mother in 2009 and predominantly photographed weddings, these days I am most happy styling and creating artful portraits for families and documenting more intimate, smaller celebrations of love.


Maria Christina captured the heart and soul of our wedding for us to treasure forever. With careful consultation, an amazing eye for detail and a great sensitivity and understanding, she has created something that for us is priceless. Thank you Maria, you have blown us away – Grace

A keen eye, a kind heart, a calming soul – capturing memories for our family – Emily

Maria Christina brings over a decade of lifestyle photography experience to each shoot she’s apart of. The way she highlights the setting of each shot with her subjects is a strong point of her lifestyle photography. Rather than artlessly blurring out the backgrounds, Maria uses meadows, rainbows, trees and even other people to highlight her subjects and how they move through the world. We are treated to a story rather than a simple snapshot in each of her frames – Peerspace