My Friend Had A Baby Girl!

She messaged me around midnight noticing I was online too – I’m pregnant! Suddenly more awake than before I was surprised, elated and just so darn happy my friend was going to have her first bebe!!

It wasn’t long before we made time to catch up, eating and talking for hours about pregnancy, motherhood and the impending birth plus everything thereafter. It was nice to pass on pretty things my girls will never wear again and convince her to let me take photos of her before her body would change all over again. I promised she wouldn’t regret it.

When I finally got to meet Eva, I stood at the front door for a few good seconds to watch Pete nursing baby in a sling and then see my friend come down the stairs still happily glowing, looking wonderfully put together despite being in the newborn ‘sleepless’ phase. I was so swayed by their cool, calm and collected approach to new parent life, I couldn’t help but feel pretty sleepy myself afterwards – did we even have a photo shoot?

When I finished editing their collection, it was nice to give them memories they experienced for the first time in the comfort of their own home. Quite and ordinary moments just nursing and feeding. The tiny things we overlook but will reminisce later and something they can show Eva in time – the way they were and how she changed their lives forever!