Savannah & Ari – Wellington Point

She mentioned she hadn’t had the best of weeks but Savannah said yes to a last minute photo session with me and even went shopping for a dress I had suggested just a few days beforehand. I met them both out at Wellington point a couple months back now and I couldn’t have asked for better weather conditions (no rough winds and low tide). This session took an hour and it honestly seemed a lot quicker and easier with little Ari being cooperative and listening to his mum very well. I actually grew up with his Dad (childhood neighbour and family friend) but he reminds me more of his brother (ari’s uncle) in the way of looks, such a sweet resemblance but a sad realization that time flies and we’re all getting older — sidenote* take more photos and make the most of these precious, youthful moments.

My intention for this portrait session was to just practice shooting. The beauty of this is that everybody is different, offering different emotions and outcomes. Directing is one thing but for me as a photographer, to discover somebody and to capture an honest part of them is what I’ll aim to keep practicing on doing. Forever. Those are the images that make me tick.