One Month Old Oakli

one month oakli

Last Sunday we hit the one month old mark with Oakli and I’ve been eagerly counting each day that passes in hopes that things get easier and better. It’s been a fuzzy month recovering from childbirth, surviving the sleep deprivation, feeding and sleeping habits of a newborn baby. I suddenly have immense respect for all my friends out there who have more than one child (it’s demanding to say the least and how easy is it just having one child right?).  Each day is different and it’s taken me this whole week just to write this paragraph so I’ll end it with a few updates:

1) Oakli is one grunty baby;
2) breastfeeding is supposed to release oxytocin but it makes me feel claustrophobic 😤
3) we accomplished one successful grocery shop on our own;
4) she has smiled 3 times recognizing my face;
5) morning showers have been life saving!

Happy Friday!