The First Day Of Year 3

first day of year 3

It started last year (year 2) when she felt the need to become more independent and insisted on drop offs in the car rather than me walking her in all the way to the hall. I remember when she started prep, I had in mind I’d walk her in everyday until at least year 5 but how things change so quickly.  If I try to kiss her goodbye – I’m soooo embarrassing and I think ‘come on, you’re only 7?’. Lucky for me, every parent got a chance to say goodbye on the first day of year 3 so I went in for the swoop and kissed her goodbye.

I brought contact paper on sale last year for 50c but when I thought I’d cheat again and reuse the book slips last minute, they disappointedly didn’t fit so I knew I had to do the job right. Contacting books is quite an artform, it requires an abundance of patience, the right amount of pressure and speed so as to not create bubbles and did I mention patience? Turns out a 20min power nap before hand prepared me just enough and I was pretty pleased to have a bubble free collection of contacted books (minus one less perfect) in just under 2 hours. Pat on the back to my pregnant self.

Lastly I’ve borrowed this book out from the library – Chicken soup for the soul (Think positive for kids) by Kevin Sorbo and Amy Newmark in hopes to curve a few spoilt ways of late. We read one chapter a night (just before bedtime) which is less than 3 pages long and so far we have read 3 stories about being grateful, responsible and doing the right thing. It’s funny how afterwards she says ‘you had to choose that story didn’t yooou!?’ so we believe it’s making her rethink her not-so-fabulous ways and surely some of these stories will stick!