When She Smiles

DSC_9554 2

DSC_9708DSC_9659DSC_9599DSC_9720DSC_9667she lost 2 teeth in one week not long after she started school this year, the first one was just hanging in there when her friend told her at lunch time to twist it, effortlessly it fell out and she felt a bit special being the talk of the town that lunch break:DSC_9619oh that classic ‘eye roll’ she loves to give us!DSC_9624DSC_9626DSC_9627DSC_9697 bwDSC_9693DSC_9724DSC_9657DSC_9673 bwDSC_9618DSC_9743DSC_9689DSC_9607 bwDSC_9765DSC_9774