Jayden + Marrietta + Patrick

I love it when I find things spur of the moment to add to a photo session and this particular day it was  an ice-cream truck.  What better combo was Jayden, Marrietta, a bright sunny day and 2 ice-creams to make this shot work.  I think all that was missing was a wreath of flowers around Marrietta’s neck to give her that hawain look.  The owner of the truck was happy to help in exchange for  a photo with both of us but I insisted just Marrietta.  See how happy he was below.

I coudn’t have asked for a better looking family than Jayden, Marrietta and Patrick who joined us soon after.  Thanks for a great shoot guys!

Okay so this series of superman shots I was waste deep in water in the middle of a very big wading pool and  my only regret was that I was wearing jeans.undefinedundefinedundefined undefinedundefinedundefinedWhile waiting for Marrietta to get Jayden’s second outfit he decided to get wet..undefinedundefined