Hi all,

I hope we’re navigating through my site a little better since the recent tweaks.

Just a few highlights if you haven’t noticed there is a new availabilities section where you can check and plan a date to book your photo session with me.

Theres also a new featured galleries section where you will eventually start to see some of my favorite work this year.  For now there is just a re-cap of 2010.

My portfolio site is still in the works, lots of photos to update from last year particularly weddings but I can’t wait to share it all with you later this month.

I also posted a note via my Facebook fan page to sell my Nikon D80. It’s a little treasure to start out with and best of all half the original price I brought it for!

Lastly theres been a re-shuffling in February bookings so it’s now freed up if you were looking at something this month.

That’s it for now, my prayers for North Queensland as it “braces for the most severe cyclone to hit the state in living memory” Cyclone Yasi.

~ Maria