The Prendergast Kids

Like branches on a tree
we grow in different directions
Yet the roots remain as one
Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other…

Color (36)Color (1)Color (2)Vintage (7)Color (8)Vintage (19)Color (10)Vintage (6)Color (11)Color (12)Color (14)Color (15)Vintage (22)Vintage (23)Color (24)Color (26)Vintage (28)Color (29)Color (34)Color (35)Color (101)Vintage (33)Vintage (38)Color (30)Vintage (39)Vintage (44)Vintage (46)Color (48)Vintage (52)Vintage (49)Vintage (51)Color (57)Color (54)Color (55)Vintage (58)Vintage (62)Color (65)Color (66)Vintage (72)Color (76)Black & White (80)Color (83)Color (78)Color (85)Color (88)Color (91)Color (92)Color (93)Color (99)Color (105)Color (110)Vintage (100)Vintage (120)Vintage (106)Color (138)Vintage (127)Color (121)Color (117)Woohoo – The End!  Thanks for being your great selves! 😀Color (118)Color (21)

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