Willow Turns Nine

Thankfully the monkey balloon didn’t scare her in the middle of the night and she was pleasantly surprised to wake with a few presents wrapped up for her in the morning considering I had under promised gifts. She wished everyday was her birthday since I allowed her to stay home from school and the ban from her ipad was lifted for a few hours. We listened to the Moana soundtrack nearly all day whilst she played with her new LOL doll and made time to visit nannay in hospital before finishing the day off (as requested) with her fave sushi and chocolate mousse with a green candle. She even let me take a few snaps of her earlier in the day maybe because the confetti seemed a bit fun..

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Late One Night

Late one night, these two..

The song below fell perfectly into the lap of these photos (press play) or purchase at Bandcamp.

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Last night – Cheeky Thing!

Pleeeeease she begged, can I please sleep in the cubby house? I slowly replied back no, thinking how I’d have to make a better bed for her to sleep on but 15min later I found her fast asleep on the floor (considerately leaving a goodnight note for us). Cheeky thing!