18.01.19 | Moreton Island

This was our second time to moreton island and we returned to north point camping grounds for the sheltered beaches, toilets and running tap water. Mandrew definetly set up alot quicker this time and we were done unpacking by after lunch. Willow also started a tradition of making swings every camp trip to keep herself entertained as we unpack and this time she inspired the kids next door to do the same thing too.


The horse flies attacked Oakli straight away and the heat is never a kind thing but you're certainly guaranteed a rewarding swim afterwards!

Day 1: The First Swim!

Fondly thought of my dear friends and ring designers ferdinand & kimmison

Day 2: HELP!

Sadly the owner had this car for almost 15 years, it traveled as far as northern territory with him and it came to a bitter sweet end here that day.

Check out the tractor that had to get it out:

No shooting stars seen by Willow but new card games - yes!

Oakli survived without tech time - double yes!

Day 4: The return of the Blue Lagoon. 

I can't emphasise how bumpy the dirt road is to get there and then there's the maze that accompanies it if you get lost? There's also the soft sand that make it an easy death trap to get stuck in --- did I mention how bumpy it is?

Both times here we helped people out and then we also got stuck ourselves. Thankfully we got out easily however I cannot say the same for the family of 5 we ran into as we were leaving this time?

Mandrew happily rescued them twice and then led them all the way back out to tangalooma (almost an hour trip back) but not before we tour guided them to honeymoon bay so they could at least say something good about this place? I honestly think they were just happy to get off the island and catch their ferry back in time.

This was us after we eventually saw them off on their ferry home --- good deed feels!

The last day: Honeymoon bay 

I pray the next generation of kids look after this world better than we have. I also hope they get to see this place for years to come and my children return to this place retelling the stories and adventures they had with us. Being at one with nature is truly a life enriching gift. Until our next visit!

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