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Hey Roma

Yesterday we took a drive to Roma St Parklands for a late afternoon play in the park (something the girls have been wanting to do every afternoon of the holidays) so we went somewhere different instead of the local park. I haven’t been there in almost a year now and it’s beautifully transformed itself with…

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Summer In The Backyard

“MAY YOU ALWAYS BE THE ONE WHO NOTICES THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE THE LIGHT POUR THROUGH, AND MAY THEY ALWAYS REMIND YOU: THERE IS MORE TO LIFE AND THERE IS MORE TO YOU” Willow sprained her ankle a few days after Christmas at the park so we spent some really chilled out days laying…

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A Couple Weeks Before Christmas

Can you see them hiding? This year my parents didn’t make it down for Christmas so the house for the first time in years was empty. This added to my relaxed approach to decorating and funny thing was when I eventually created some Christmas spirit in the house, the following day the tree fell down…

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