The Easter Holidays 👭

The Easter holidays were tame but definitely not quiet.

  1. Oakli had her 6 week needles and and it seemed more painful to watch her scream than to get the needle ourselves 😢.
  2. I had mastitis over Easter and the Easter bunny almost didn’t deliver the goods to Willow.
  3. Oakli now smiles and coos every morning and we love it’s the first stage of interaction with her.
  4. Willow and I went out by ourselves and it was super exciting plus equally exhausting.
  5. I gave into the pacifier and drink two coffees a day now to survive.
  6. Car rides are less stressful.
  7. Watching too much tv and staring at my phone way too long between feeds started eating away at my soul SO…
  8. We ventured to the park but that was a big deal (pram, public breastfeeding and other screaming kids) but so worth the fresh air!
  9. 4 hours is the longest stretch of sleep yet!

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We woke up like this! Happy 2 months old Oakli!

The Secret Life Of…


We’re having a good day over here (sleepy baby) so I thought I’d fit in another post about a few shows I’ve watched on Foxtel (Lifestyle channel) lately to help pass the time.

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty – Living out my final days in Greece was always an idea and this particularly episode just confirmed it. I encouraged Mandrew to watch it and I think we’d like to plan future trips here together now.

The Secret Life of Four Year Olds – Absolutely hilarious – one for all parents to watch!

One Born Every Minute– Lastly I am still madly watching birthing documentaries.

I just figure I need to get something out of my system :-p


willow 8

All I’ve known is just Willow’s baby face until Oakli came along and suddenly her face seems a whole lot more grown up. The first couple of weeks postpartum I was pretty hormonal amongst other things and just the thought of Willow and I not sharing our bedtime rituals just made me cry (and it usually takes alot for me to cry). We’re nearly 5 weeks into our new life as a family of 4 and I give her credit for brushing off my tired and snappy ways when most of the time she just wants to help with her baby sister (bless her). She turned 8 last Tuesday and even though her baby face is fading,  I remind her always, she’s forever my first baby.