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Happy 2019!

Current desk situation with my plant babies: The Christmas tree and lights are all pulled down and this corner is back to it’s former self. My main fiddle is back inside the house now too and is happily growing (if not even better) after it’s first prune. Once where the Christmas tree resided is back…

Shell Collectors

I can always count on Willow to go for walks with me to collect shells on the beach & vice versa. Above: This was our final collection from Hamilton and my favourite find was the coral and shells stuck together below:

R E Y | Book Week 2018

Ah book week, you have become something I can put my other creative desires to use but this year was not wholeheartedly that year however we did pull it together as Rey (Star wars) for a quick, no fuss costume: Rey Costume from BigW – $10 If time permitted – added real brown/pouch belt and…