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Shell Collectors

I can always count on Willow to go for walks with me to collect shells on the beach & vice versa. Above: This was our final collection from Hamilton and my favourite find was the coral and shells stuck together below:

R E Y | Book Week 2018

Ah book week, you have become something I can put my other creative desires to use but this year was not wholeheartedly that year however we did pull it together as Rey (Star wars) for a quick, no fuss costume: Rey Costume from BigW – $10 If time permitted – added real brown/pouch belt and…

Happy House Plants

In my early 20s I started the indoor plant thing thanks to my mum’s lovely and available assortment yet I never understood why I’d kill them off sooner than I had a chance to enjoy them? I was baffled by how my mum would return home and just like magic, the plants would be green…