Birthday Week | Hamilton Island

I nagged him about the cold weather before we left and honestly felt quite negative about the whole camping trip we usually take mid summer – not to mention the looming wet weather? After a bit of arguing about it he joked we were going to Hamilton island but then started playing ‘High Hopes‘ on his phone so I knew he wasn’t being serious? In his final attempt to annoy me some more, he eventually showed me our flights to Hamilton island and all jokes were laid to rest – I was thrilled to be celebrating our birthdays somewhere new!

Lastly after spending nearly 2 decades together already he proposed on a hill and I eventually said yes because guess again, I thought he was joking? 😀

A short clip of it is on my Instagram if you don’t follow me yet 😉

Here’s a few favourite moments from our holiday (it only rained once – on his birthday):

We stayed at Bella Vista – bookings via 😉

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Blue Gecko Bookkeeping | Headshots

Possibly the most photo-shy out of the ladies but I loved how Gillian (above) photographed. She’s also a fellow mum with both our girls going to the same school who I’ve also had the privilege of photographing all her 3 beloved children plus her Grandfather’s 80th, so when she asked me her boss wanted some headshots of the work team I did my best to help her out again, here’s a few of my picks:


23 Torview St
Rochedale, Queensland, Australia 4123
ph:0421 278 128

Special thanks to Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen for letting me use their café space to shoot – go check them out for their last day on the 1st September for a local coffee & free live music:

1 Murrajong Rd, Springwood, QLD
ph: 3472 5958
Monday – Saturday 6.30am to 2.30pm

Last but not least we also fit in one of Blue Gecko’s favourite clients – Johnno a young enthusiastic & very capable plasterer/model (kidding) but do check out his work and services if in need – JCG plastering

R E Y | Book Week 2018

Ah book week, you have become something I can put my other creative desires to use but this year was not wholeheartedly that year however we did pull it together as Rey (Star wars) for a quick, no fuss costume:

Rey Costume from BigW – $10

If time permitted – added real brown/pouch belt and cuffs/ more detail to staff and brown boots.

Hair easily recreated via YouTube tutorials.

My favourite is still last years snow queen:

Maria Christina Photography

Brisbane, Australia 

0408 795 517