Shell Collectors

I can always count on Willow to go for walks with me to collect shells on the beach & vice versa.

Above: This was our final collection from Hamilton

My favourite find was the coral and shells that were stuck together:

Shell images available for purchase – please email for all inquiries.

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Sleepy Sunday

Sunday (tired Willow) and always a playful Oakli to break any tension. While Mandrew took off early to play golf, we stayed home and slowly woke up to the day..

And then we headed off to celebrate Olive’s 7th birthday at Inflatable world..

Instead of take home lolly bags, Kim gifted books – such a fantastic idea!

We had planned to do Halloween in the park again this year but everyone just seemed too tired and hot so we stayed in and enjoyed catching up on Survivor and finally finished watching Curly Sue.

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