A Couple Weeks Before Christmas

Can you see them hiding?

This year my parents didn’t make it down for Christmas so the house for the first time in years was empty. This added to my relaxed approach to decorating and funny thing was when I eventually created some Christmas spirit in the house, the following day the tree fell down and the top tier broke. Unfortunately unfixable but part of it reusable (mini tree). So the initial idea of having a real tree came to fruition and we headed to Bunnings on a Sunday to find something that could work. We ended up taking home a medium size Northfolk Island Pine tree and it did the job.

One night Oakli raced out to the tree and turned on the delicate fairy lights and then I realized part of the memories is just sitting around the tree, staring, fiddling and playing with the ornaments no matter how much you carefully design the tree? Unfortunately the little northfolk could only cater to a few treasured ornaments and fairy lights so it wasn’t as fun as a fuller tree so next year we will still bring in the northfolk (hopefully bigger and stronger) plus the spare tree to load up all the beloved ornaments from years gone by so Oakli too can have this memory with her sister.

I hope you all had a safe, restful and blessed Christmas too.